2019 Student Leaders

Head Boy - Siaosi

Head Girl - Tiana

Deputy Head Boy - Lucky

Deputy Head Girl - Danielle

Sports Captain - Lexiannah

Siaosi - Head Boy

Malo e lelei,

My name is Siaosi.

I am 12 years old and I am the Head Boy of Glen Taylor School for 2019.

In my spare time I like to listen to music, play sports, play games, eat, watch movies, learn maths, and sleep.

My favourite subject at school is Maths because I am able to solve most questions.  I also enjoy the challenges Math gives me.

Maungarei is the house I am in.  Red is my house colour

As a leader I will act as a great role model by showing RESPECT, INTEGRITY and KINDNESS so the younger ones will follow.

As the Head Boy I’ll prove to the pupils of Glen Taylor School that giving up isn’t an option and everything is possible IF YOU TRY.  I’ll also verify myself as the Head Boy with positive ways.

I hope to leave Glen Taylor School with valuable memories and Good Vibes!

Tiana - Head Girl

Talofa Lava,

My name is Tiana

I am a very proud Head Girl for Glen Taylor School in 2019. Some hobbies that really entertain and amuse me is doing maths, finishing off work in my spare time, eating and being with family. I also really like listening to music because to me without any music while I am cleaning, working or playing everything around would feel way to quiet and joyless.  I treasure maths more than any other subject.  I know I may not be professional at maths but I still learn from this subject and enjoy it a lot.

I am in Kaiahiku, which is the yellow house color.

Having the position as Head Girl this year I will mainly focus on showing positivity and respect. This will be towards anyone and everyone as it is one of my main values and I would like to make these two values spread throughout Glen Taylor School. I assure you that showing positivity and respect leads you to have a positive result back throughout your day and showing respect towards your peers makes you get respect back. 

Knowing that this is my last year in GTS after being here since year 0, my potential is to leave knowing that I made the most of my years here.  I intend to make joyful memories and have a hype year.

Lucky - Deputy Head Boy

Kia ora,


My name is Lucky


I am 12 years of age, I am the Deputy Head Boy of Glen Taylor School.

Some hobbies I do at home are cooking and drawing. I like to cook because it’s relaxing and

I like to draw because it’s my passion. My favourite subjects are writing and P.E.

My school house is Taurere, the green house.

As a leader I will show that I am responsible to everything that is important, especially my role. I will try to achieve my priorities and I will embrace others to achieve theirs.


Danielle - Deputy Head Girl

Talofa Lava,
My name is Danielle.

I am 12 years of age and I am the Deputy Head Girl of Glen Taylor School.

In my spare time I like to go to the basketball court and hang out on the swings.

My favourite school subjects are anything literacy and any other subject that includes a mixed group activity. I like to be independent in my work, but I find that working and cooperating with others can be fun and can be interesting.

I am a part of Kaiahiku which is the yellow house.

As the Deputy Head Girl of Glen Taylor School I want to encourage positive behaviour and attitude.  I also want to lead by example and be a great role model for the younger students.

I will also do my best to be a good representation of what our school values and vision look like.

Lexiannah - Sports Captain

Talofa lava,

My name is Lexiannah.

I am 12 years of age.  I am the sports captain and Manaiakalani Ambassador for Glen Taylor School in 2019. It’s an honour to be given these two very important roles and I will make sure I fulfil my responsibilities to the best of my abilities.

My aim as sports captain is to encourage all students to take part in any sports they feel comfortable with.  

In my spare time I love singing, dancing and training to keep fit.

This year I am in the green house which is Taurere.

As a leader I will play my role by doing the right thing when no one is looking and show FIRE and ACE inside and outside of school.

Remember this amazing quote from William Arthur Ward “ Before you speak, listen. Before you write, think. Before you spend, earn. Before you invest, investigate. Before you criticise, wait. Before you quit, TRY."

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