2020 Enrolment Information for Year 8 Students

It is an exciting year for your child.  This is their last year at primary school, as next year they will be at a college or high school.


This is to inform you of the choices that you have in regards to your child college education.


When thinking of your child’s future you need to look at the following factors.


Some of you are thinking of looking at schools out of your local community you may want to think of the following:

·      Some schools have an education system called Cambridge international exams – these work best on learners that can cope with mainly just end of year exams. Where as other schools have NCEA which shows credits and grades for separate skills and knowledge throughout the year.

·      Where is the school in comparison to your home.  Ask yourself – how will your child get to school.  Can you find the cost of train or bus from your budget so that your child is not missing out on school as they cannot get there.  If they participate in extra school activities such as sports or drama think of the extra time they will need to be at school.  Can your family life accommodate these extra demands?

·      If you are looking at a school that is not local you need to consider the schools enrolment closure dates.  This is because these schools have a zone and if you are not a local you are applying for limited placing in the school.  These ballots close at different times depending on the school.  If you do not get the application in on time you will not be able to get your child into that school (You also have to apply for your local school as when a school tells you that your child is on a waiting list - this does not guarantee a place in the school, so have a plan B).

·      Look at the cost of the fees and the uniform and start budgeting this year so that your child does not miss out on the first few days of school which are very important as they cover orientation and class choice, settling in with their home tutor teacher and social groups.

·      A lot of colleges are now part of a BYOD programme. This means that students are expected to bring their own device (computer) to school.  Some schools are part of a programme to assist you in purchasing a device.  Please beware of this extra cost.


Here are the following close off dates for our local Auckland schools. 



This does not mean that it will affect your 1st choice application but gives you options.


St Peters College in Epsom. Open Day was the 26th of February 2019. Enrolment closes 4pm 5th of April. http://www.st-peters.school.nz/News-and-Events/News/Open-Day.aspx


Sacred Heart College. Open Day Tuesday 5th March. Enrolment closes Friday 29th March . http://www.sacredheart.school.nz/shc/enrolment-information/

The following colleges close off dates are the 30th August.


Auckland Boys Grammar 31st of August 2019:   - online - https://www.ags.school.nz/enrolment/


Auckland Girls Grammar online or mail - http://www.aggs.school.nz/enrolment


Epsom Girls Grammar http://www.eggs.school.nz/enrolments/request-student-application-form.aspx


Glendowie College   enrol@gdc.school.nz 


One Tree Hill College. Open day 5th August. http://www.onetreehillcollege.school.nz/enrol-now/year-9/


Selwyn College Open Evening 28th March http://www.selwyn.school.nz/WebSpace/13/


Tamaki College. http://tamaki.ac.nz/?page_id=1570


Edgewater College. http://www.edgewater.school.nz/future-students/enrol-apply-now

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