How to Enrol Your Child


To enrol your child simply come into school where the office staff will give you all the paperwork you need to complete.


It is very important that you bring along a Birth Certificate or Passport in order to enrol your child.


"When a five year old child is enrolled, or children from outside New Zealand are enrolled at school, it is a legal necessity to produce a Birth Certificate or Passport"


If both parents are away during the day please supply the school with:


  1. Telephone number.

  2. Address where a parent may be contacted.

  3. A friend’s telephone number or address so that a friend may be contacted.


This is important for your child’s safety!


Please notify the school if there is any change of 1,2 or 3.


If you would like to organise a school visit for your child then please call th office to arrange a time and we will make sure you get a tour of the school led by one of our student leaders.  The principal will also be available to answer any questions you may have.


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