Friends of the School

Who We Are

The Friends of the School are a group of parents, caregivers and members of the community who work with the teachers to support Glen Taylor School.  We fundraise to make money for school activities and equipment that will help our children.

When needed we also help with events and activities at the school including sports and cultural
days and assemblies.

We always welcome new members to join the committee – we value your time, ideas and input. Also any contacts you have in the community that may help the school would be greatly
appreciated, so please come along to a meeting when you can. 


If you’re not able to come to our meetings each term, we hope you will be able to help at school events throughout the year.  Please contact Julie in the school office if you’re able to join us.

Art Work Fundraising

Again this year, all the children will be completing a piece of artwork that can be made into gifts such as calendars, notebooks, diaries and greeting cards for you to purchase.

The artwork will all be completed by xx and you will be able to put in your orders from then.  Prices will start at $xx for a calendar and the gifts that you purchase will be sent home before the end of the school term.


Thank you to everyone who has been supporting our Friends of the School Events this year.  Whether you have come to meetings, bought a sausage, or dropped your children off at Movie Night, it has all made a difference to help us fundraise for equipment for the students at Glen Taylor School and we appreciate your support.

Thank you for your support!

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