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We offer a full range of Gifted and Talented Programmes for our students who need extension.  These programmes cover academic, sporting, cultural, arts and leadership.


We believe that all students have the right to excel in areas of strength so we are committed to offering a wide range of opportunities for our students to have success.


These include:

- Kapa Haka

- ICAS Exams in English, Maths, Writing and Spelling

- Technology for Year 7/8's at Tamaki College

- E-Club:  Blogging, 3D Printing, Websites and a range of Educational Apps

- Cultural Groups

- Sports Academies

- Choir

- Ukulele

- Academic Gifted and Talented Club on Fridays

- Leadership Programmes

- Mathex

- Otago Problem Challenge

- Art Clubs

- Dance Club

and many many more.


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