History of the School


The school, originally known as ‘Tamaki  No. 6 ‘ enrolled the first pupils in September, 1958. Pupils from Glenbrae, Glen Innes and St Thomas’ schools were enrolled on the first day. Year 7( Form 1) and Year 8 (Form 2) pupils were transferred to Glen Innes Intermediate School when it opened the following year. About 270 pupils attended, and the roll stayed near that figure for over a year, even though the school was staffed on a roll of over 400. Before the end of 1958, the first School Committee and Parent/Teacher Association had been formed.


The school was named ‘Glen Taylor.’ The name ‘Glen’ was chosen in keeping with the other ‘Glen’ schools in the area, and the name ‘Taylor’ came from the Taylor family who owned and farmed the land on which the school was built.


It is interesting to note that the school is built on the actual site of the ‘Glen Innes Homestead.’ The large Morton Bay Fig tree (almost 200 years old) at the entrance to the school is one of the few remaining trees that surrounded this home. This tree is now protected by the NZ Historical Society. Mr and Mrs Gordon, descendants of the Innes Taylors, have presented the school with interesting details and photos of the early history of this area, all of which have been mounted inside one large frame which hangs in the principal’s office.


The school was ‘recapitated’ from the beginning of 1992, Year 7 pupils attending in 1992 and Year 8 in 1993.

The Taurere Kohanga Reo is situated in the grounds of Glen Taylor School and opened in 1991 with a daily attendance of 12 pupils and a waiting list.


Glen Taylor has had the following Principals since it opened in 1958:

                                                            Mr Frederick Dare

                                                            Mr Lance Whatman

                                                            Mr Douglas Banner

                                                            Mr Tony Hirst

                                                            Mrs Valerie Hyland

                                                            Mr Richard Coote

                                                            Mrs Janice Trafford

                                                            Mr David Yardley

                                                            Ms Lin Avery    

                                                            Mr Chris Herlihy (Present Principal)

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