Mr Nanai

Miss Tuia

Kiwi Can is an all-inclusive, 12-month programme that involves every child within a school. There are two parts to Kiwi Can: weekly class lessons and an annual community project – both are aimed at having an impact, and making a difference to each individual. Class lessons last approximately 40 minutes, and the programme includes four themes, with 24 modules.

The themes reflect the Kiwi Can values; they have direct links to Positive Child Development and they align with the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) and its key competencies.


All young people are confident contributors to New Zealand life.


Transforming young lives forever.


Caring – Manaaki, Courageous – Maia, Collaborative – Tuhono

Overarching Goal

Transform the lives of 50,000 young Kiwis each year by 2025

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