Resource Teachers of Literacy

We take referrals from 29 schools in the local area and provide short, intensive, supplementary support to those learners with the highest literacy needs across the cluster. 

Our goal is for students to make and maintain progress and be able to work at or near the level of their peers so they can benefit from effective classroom teaching.

We work directly (one-on-one, or in small groups) or indirectly (by supporting and collaborating with the classroom teacher). Usually we utilise a combination of approaches. 

Please feel free to get in touch with either of us if you have any queries.


                                                                     Kate                                         Jill

You can access our referral form here.


Please share or email referral forms and scanned attachments to either of the RTLits or post to:


Glen Taylor School

172 West Tamaki Road

Glendowie, 1072

There are three Resource Teachers based at the Glen Taylor School Literacy Centre:

Kate Pavarno


Phone: 021868612

Jill Tyler



Unlikely to be Accepted
  • The highest literacy needs across your school

  • Well below standard in reading or writing

  • Have already received school based intervention

  • Been on Reading Recovery and/or remedial programs but still requires further support

  • Only 1-6 months below

  • Repeat referrals 

  • Global delays affecting all curriculum areas

  • School entry less than 12 months ago

  • Poor attendance

  • Behaviour problem

  • Year 7 or 8

Likely to be Accepted

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